I am glad to announce that half the entire season 2 of the Angry Birds TV Show will be based on fan ideas.

Submit ideas with their own topics, although however, there are a few rules.

  • There must be included a title and summary.
  • Nothing serious, such as end of the world criteria.
  • You cannot kill off a main character, such as Red, Hal, Chuck, etc.
  • You cannot have a marrige between two birds, such as Matilda and Bomb, but a marridge between 2 minion pigs are fine.
  • You need to keep the characters into their personalities.
  • Adding fanon birds to appear is unnaceptable.
  • No bad words should be included in the title and the summary.

The greatest episode will be entitled as the "Season 2 Finalie", i'm looking for something really dramatic yet funny. Separately, the second Ham 'o' Ween Hallow Howl can have 3 seperate stories, such as one user recommending one, another user recommending another, and another one creating another story.

There are several types of episodes to add in this contest.

  • A futuristic episode.
  • A holiday themed episode.
  • A "regular" episode, as in nothing major happening, such as a death or a holiday,

Know that there cannot be any space themed, rio themed, or star wars themed episodes. Also, the contest ends at the end of season 1.

Update 1

The Angry Birds TV Show 1st episode will be animated by user Peter The Lazer Bird. Stay tuned for either the christmas special or canyon rush.


I have recieved info that the person animating this, Speedy the Lazer Bird, may be underaged. This possibly means that the TV Show will be cancelled. :(

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