Brown Bird
Brown Bird
General Info
Powers Sound waves
First Level Appearance: Javelina Deserts
Gender: Male
Species: Owl


The Brown Bird first appears in episode Javelina Deserts. His power is quite a unique one. Launch him at a pig's structure, and touch the screen, he will make sound waves that, if the sound waves touch the structure, it breaks that specific part of the structure. He is quite the proud one.

Personal DataEdit

Name: Supersonic (Sonic for short)

Power: Creating Sound Waves

Species: Owl

Gender: Male

Best Friends: Red, Chuck, Matilda, Bubbles


Sonic is quite a loner, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have friends. His closest friend is Chuck the Yellow Bird. His home before he joined the flock was the Arizona Deserts. He refers to the Pigs as "Javelinas."


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