• The Boomerang

    Hello everyone that even still goes on this wiki.

    As you know, this wiki hasn't been up and running for quite a while but I plan to brush it up well if I have the time. I know I've said that in the past, and more in the past, and even MORE in the past, BUT I TOTALLY HAVE A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS!

    but in all seriousness, if i want this to work out, i do need help.

    So just try to help out as much as you can!

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  • The Boomerang


    February 23, 2015 by The Boomerang

    I have an important announcement:

    Not many people see this wiki, but for those of you reading this: I plan to brush up the wiki. There will be a completely different appearance and I need your cooperation. Through chat (as direct advertising in other non-affliated wikis is prohibited), I wish that you invite as many people as possible.

    That's all, stay tuned for updates!

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  • The Boomerang

    Who will be to die?

    December 23, 2013 by The Boomerang

    I'm not releasing the news yet, but Which Angry Birds Character do you want to die? Also, don't check the blog history unless you want a little spoiler.

    Here is how it will be broken down:

    The 4 Most Voted Characters Move Onto Round 3 - The 3 Most Voted Characters Move onto Round 4 - The 2 Most Voted Characters Move onto Round 5 - There is the winner! 

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  • Speedy the Lazer Bird


    November 20, 2013 by Speedy the Lazer Bird

    Hello. As you all may know, we have a webshow in production. Click here to find out more about it.

    We need cast members as well as animators, as it will kill me if I try to do it myself. We also need Cover Designers, and I have started designing them, and folks who are good editing pictures on the computer in Adobe Illustrator or Paint.NET.

    If you can, reply in the comments down below.



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  • The Boomerang

    I have to announce some new features I opened up. I have message walls, fourms, and acheivments.

    Message Walls

    They are easier to make messages on other people's walls.


    On this fanon wiki, fourms are less strict.

    • You can discuss things such as, if you are doing a group project, maybe discuss who should resemble what, the characters, themes, etc.
    • You can make disscusions about theories about what might happen next of other people's fanon.
    • Please no spam comments.


    I have decided to give this a chance, but I will remove it once I see:

    • Users making random edits just for points.
    • Bragging and arrogance about having moe points.
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  • The Boomerang

    Bride or Pride?

    November 17, 2013 by The Boomerang

    Should Female Red Bird be King Pig's Bride or still a member of the NFRL? The choice should be made by the wiki!

    Also, below are the full members of the NFRL.

    • Brown Bird
    • Skunk Bird
    • Ice Bird
    • Female White Bird
    • Mighty Dragon
    • Mighty Philadelphia Eagle
    • Zompigs
    • Prisiner Pig
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  • The Boomerang

    Animators Needed!

    October 12, 2013 by The Boomerang

    I am looking for a responisble animator to animate the angry birds tv show page. There are a few requirements, however.

    • You must be skilled at animation designing.
    • You must follow the correct text.
    • You have to be able to animate quickly. A proper time would be a week, the latest would be 2 weeks.
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  • The Boomerang

    I am glad to announce that half the entire season 2 of the Angry Birds TV Show will be based on fan ideas.

    Submit ideas with their own topics, although however, there are a few rules.

    • There must be included a title and summary.
    • Nothing serious, such as end of the world criteria.
    • You cannot kill off a main character, such as Red, Hal, Chuck, etc.
    • You cannot have a marrige between two birds, such as Matilda and Bomb, but a marridge between 2 minion pigs are fine.
    • You need to keep the characters into their personalities.
    • Adding fanon birds to appear is unnaceptable.
    • No bad words should be included in the title and the summary.

    The greatest episode will be entitled as the "Season 2 Finalie", i'm looking for something really dramatic yet funny. Separate…

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  • The Boomerang

    As a first annual Ham 'o' Ween Hallow Howl, some special activities will be happening throughout the wiki until Halloween. Here are some of the events to happen:

    Terror at the Town of Pig City: An exclusive Angry Birds TV Episode to air.

    Zombies at The Midnight Clock: An exclusive DLC episode for the game the Demons Among Us.

    Countdown Candy: A contest for who can create the best Halloween story related to Angry Birds.

    Costume Contest: Another contest for a costume for any bird. You have to dress a bird in a Halloween costume, and send it to a picture. Deadline is Halloween.

    You can create your own Ham 'o' Ween Hallow Howl events to compete on. Have fun with the contests, and expect furthur updates from me ASAP!

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  • Link The Hero of Time

    Alright, I'll need the help of some people who are skilled with photoshop, I wanna create a Batman-Themed Angry Birds game (Because why not?) but I need the help of some people good with photoshop to create some of the characters. Anyone wanna help a guy out?

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  • The Boomerang

    Volunteers Needed!

    September 16, 2013 by The Boomerang

    For when season 2 of the Angry Birds TV Show starts, I want to hire some co-workers to help me with it. Here is some open jobs here:

    We need 

    4 writers, one being me, 3 others needed.

    An editor, a well known person who fixes out grammar (For this I will ask on the regular wiki), I am choosing the person myself.

    Animation designer, someone who is good at creating animations but this requires a self made demo video to show me your skills. We have Peter The Lazer Bird, and we need one more person.

    Cover Designer, someone who can post photos of the episode cover. Basicly, this can be done with someone who is creative and good with picture designing on the internet.

    Please volunteer, but know not everyone may get a job.

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    When i watched Angry Birds Toons, i gave me an inspiration to write my comic about the piggies! (And the birds as minor characters!)

    • Pig Minions
    • King Pig
    • Piggy #1 (Not shown)
    • Mechanic Pig (Not shown)
    • Fat Pig

    King Pig is about the steal the eggs again! But with contraptions! But as usual, nothing is according to plan, so they go the super shop to buy some parts.

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  • Gabrielpika

    New Wiki Logo

    March 24, 2013 by Gabrielpika
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  • Gabrielpika

    Can I be in the club

    March 22, 2013 by Gabrielpika

    let me in the club

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